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 specializes in bathroom renovations. Big ones. Small ones. Perhaps yours.

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We do this first : Bathroom Drawing Set

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Where do you start ? If you type “Bathroom Remodeling” into Google, there are 25 million results, returned in .75 seconds. We work with you to sort through all that, connect you with local vendors, bring in highly skilled tradesmen, and make it all work for you.

 brings it all together. We have the knowledge, the team, and the experience.

BROWSE our posts, project gallery and virtual gallery. REVIEW our customer testimonials. LEARN about our highly optimized engagement model. You will like what you see, and be surprised at what you might learn.

“A picture is worth ten thousand words” – Fred R. Barnard 1927

We find we can be most helpful if you have pictures of things you like.  We then integrate those ideas into a ‘lite’ drawing set drawn specifically for you. Often,  you can visualize every  grout line and floor tile in virtual 3d before we actually buy or build anything.   You will know, to a high degree of detail, what your results will look like. We have found this process superior to any other in assuring confidence in your selections, value in your investment, and sustained elation with the results.

It is most productive for everyone if you have a budget in mind, and a strong desire to create and live in something new.

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