Project Gallery

Click on the thumbnails below to see full photographic records of projects we have completed in actual physical locations.   Take a look at the  Virtual Gallery page for images created with the intention of presenting possibilities.

Most of these pictures were taken with an iPhone or an LG G5 phone. Some are spherical panoramas taken with an LG 360 camera. Panorama appear as skewed images, and should contain a a circular arrow in the upper right hand corner. Click on this arrow, and you can navigate as you would using google maps or other 3d/panorama applications.

Although these pictures were not taken by a professional photographer, they seek to capture the moments of a bathroom remodel. I usually take pictures of the existing situation, as well as measurements in support of the virtual design process. These albums create a ‘scrap book’ of useful information, and journal the various steps of the process leading to a successful result.

36×56 Shower and Bathroom Components

Design – Customer wanted to install large subway tile on the vertical, interrupted with mosaic bands.  We worked very hard to lay out every tile and every transition.

Components – Shower valve + Transfer valve + Shower head + Hand Shower – Kohler components.  Wainscoting in bathroom to 53″. New tempered glass window sashes ordered for Andersen-400 series window installed in 1992. New ventilation fan installed and connected to existing duct work.

Tasks – Demo / Re-Frame valve wall / Frame Bench Seat/  Insulate entire shower / Custom Niche / Install Schluter System  components and waterproofing / Patch bathroom tile floor / Install tile (field tile and mosaic bands) template stone bench seat /  order and install thresholds / Install wainscoting and finish trim elements / Install medicine cabinet / Patch plaster / Paint

30×60 Shower with Wall mounted Bathseat – Bathroom floor, vanity, toilet

Design – Subway glass tile (really nice) installed in new 30×60 shower stall, CafeMoca “wood” tile, new vanity.

Components – Shower valve + Transfer valve + Shower head + Hand Shower – Kohler components.  Tile, Wall mounted seat

Tasks – Demo / Re-Frame valve wall / Install  Bench Seat (wall mounted) / Custom Niche with 2 shelves / Install TileRedi 30×60 with linear drain / Install bathroom tile floor / Install tile  /  order and install thresholds / Install vanity and trim elements / / Patch plaster

…. more to come…